Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back to work

It didn't take long to trim away the extra fabrics, creating a seam allowance. The next step is glue basting and docking. I was about to leave on a trip, so I bagged up all the parts, my key pages, glue sticks and "magic wands". This well organized zip top of fun followed me to Denver, where I did something awesome, something which required lots of changes of clothing, and a special manicure, and,  aboutwhich I'm still not allowed to tell you (although others have, but you know, I follow all the rules).

My plan was to have all the parts glue basted and docked by the time I returned home.
But, by the end of each day I had used up all my brain cells and just didn't trust myself to touch them. Plus the bag was all the way over on the desk, and I was sitting in the chair in front of the television, and I couldn't make myself get up and walk the ten feet round trip to get to the desk.

Now that I've been home for a bit, and rested up, I've gotten myself back to work. Some of the pieces I'm appliqueing are pretty small. This little sweetie is smaller than the nail on my little pinkie. Since I wanted this project to challenge my skills, working small was part of the plan. I've decided to work on the smallest pieces first, saving the easier stuff for when my resolve is failing.
Here's what I've accomplished so far. The most observant will notice that one of the larkspurs at the top is leaning in the opposite direction from the diagram. I haven't decided if I need to change it. I'm also still considering a change in the large flowers, to a rose that looks more like a tea rose than an old fashioned wild rose. And I'm still thinking about adding tiny yellow flowers, but the design that fits best is a five petal flower less than an inch tall. Yowsers!
In the meantime, I've started another pile of fabric for a new project. It will be a large, scrappy, quilt, one with many steps, to be revealled over several months...


  1. Maybe you can find a really great yellow flower bead of the size you need and embellish the little yellow flowers instead of applique? I'm so anxious to see the finished project.

  2. I'm glad you are "back to work" because I'm loving this piece. I would have never noticed a piece leaning....but now I have to go back and check it out.