Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Honestly. I've tried very hard not to complain about the weather. It's been weird and whacky all over the place. We're having winter with a capital "W". We haven't seen the ground since weeks before Christmas. This is unusual for us. The bitter cold has made it nearly impossible to work in my window filled studio. The poor little fireplace/furnace as struggled to bring the temperature above fifty degrees. It's hard to do stuff with numb fingers.

But it's March now, and the sun will have her way with us. I can feel the longer daylight in my bones. We're having more sunny days. It's supposed to go above freezing later this week, and, yesterday I saw three blue birds at the feeders.

Pow! I'll bet all that color got your attention! The print fabric is the closest I could find to the challenge fabric in EQ. I could have scanned the actual fabric to make a more accurate showing, but this is just a working diagram so it's not really worth the time.

After settling on a design, I decided it was too busy to use all my polka dot fabrics, instead, I plan on using tone on tone batiks.

I guess, since I haven't just plowed ahead, I'm having second thoughts about the amount of applique. Is it even possible to have too much? I'm thinking about eliminating the smaller motifs, but then the quilt looks empty. Is it back to the drawing board for me?


  1. I LOVE the punch of color! This is a beauty for sure.

  2. The kaleidoscope effect is fabulous. Like chocolate, there is never enough applique. But what if you made the flowers at 12, 3, 6 and 9 a little bit smaller? If you think it's too much, you can always quilt/embroider shadows of the motifs.

  3. don't eliminate any of the applique! it's beautiful.

  4. The piece looks perfectly balanced to me! It's just lovely.

  5. Love it! Great job! It looks perfectly balanced to me!

  6. I love it just the way it is--beautiful!