Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Machine Finished Hand Applique! last! All can be revealed! The super secret project that has kept me busy since Thanksgiving is ready.
After months of preparation, almost as intensive as writing a book, I spent several days in January at the studios in Denver, Colorado, taping my first online class with Craftsy.
Even though I've already tons of time in front of a camera (two Simply Quilts shows, too many to count episodes with Kaye Wood and even a show with Alex and Ricky), I was still nervous. Of course I was, I have a great face for radio. But, my terrific crew put me right at ease. Even though we worked very hard, it was at a stress-free pace.
I'm hoping that you will find this online class to be (almost) as good as taking a class from me. (I couldn't be quite as silly as I usually am in class, I do the jokey stuff while the students are busy working. Just imagine that I'm telling stories between the lessons.) As I watched the class for the first time yesterday, I was thrilled at how it all turned out. Even my make-up looked great, but of course it would, their make-up artist is Danica Jardien, who has made some very famous people look great on screen. The camera does add weight, though, in my case about fifty pounds.

Edit: The link for the discount is now disabled, but the class is still available. Craftsy has sales regularly, so you still may find it at a discount by going to here.

If you'd like to sign up for the class, click here for a 50% discount on the regular class fee. It's a limited time offer (I'll switch the link back to regular price on Feb. 28), so shop early and often!
Honestly, I have to admit to being a big fan of Craftsy. Being pathologically curious, I have signed up already for about a dozen classes. These are no choppy You Tube videos, they are high quality, well designed video classes, providing excellent instruction for less than the cost of a workshop at a conference. I enjoy watching the classes on my tablet while I'm poking along on my applique.
For me, these classes are the perfect answer for someone who loves teaching but doesn't love the travel. I have already sent in a proposal for a piecing class. We'll see if they like it.


  1. Glenna Dameron11:29 AM

    I got my notice from Craftsy last night and signed up without hesitation. I can't wait to get started. Thank you.

    1. I, too, signed up as soon as the class went up. I just finished watching the class and it's a great compliment to your book. Plus, I got to take a class with you a lot sooner than I ever hoped.

  2. Hooray, Beth! I've been a long time fan and have taught your machine applique method several times in the past. Can't wait to take your class!

  3. I signed up for your class, and watched the first video. I can't start anything yet; my right hand is in a cast. I figure I'll watch all the videos while I'm relaxing, and I can gather everything I'll need when I'm ready to start.
    BTW, you did a great job. :)