Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Letting go, again

My third son, Caleb, and his wife, Elaine, just left for a fantastic adventure. They loaded everything they own into a rental truck and left for new jobs in Garden City, Kansas, more than a thousand miles from here.

It was just about two years ago that we hosted their wedding here. It was a crazy wonderful time, preparing the for the wedding. Having four sons, I had pretty much given up on the idea of ever having a bride in my house, but Elaine made that dream come true.
These two kids are hardworking and determined. They have goals, and to meet those goals they moved in with us Memorial Day weekend, hoping to save enough money to make their move to Kansas a little easier. They were terrific roommates, despite the roller coaster ride of managing the logistics of moving half way across the country.
After a fruitless search for a rental unit that would allow two cats, a crazy woman (me, of course) suggested that they look for a house to buy. Fasten your seat belts for a wild ride. The loan was pre-approved, a quick trip to Garden City to house shop, offer written and accepted, loan un-approved, new bank, pre-approved, and endless paperwork for about six weeks.
It nearly broke my heart to see them go. It was different than seeing the guys off to college, that was a temporary separation. It was different than moving my oldest to the other side of the state, just a couple of hours away. This move marks the beginning of their truly grown-up lives.
Even while feeling sad to see them go, I am so excited for them. It has me remembering the move to our first grown-up jobs, and how thrilling that was. When they arrive in Garden City today, they will do the final walk-through of their house. Tomorrow they will close and move in. They've taken two giant steps into the rest of their lives, and I know they will do great! I hope Garden City knows how lucky they are to have them.


  1. I've been a single parent thru most of my son's life and thought the leaving for college and then the leaving for his own place things were a bit difficult, although I was happy for him. Now he's met a lovely young woman and they come to see me, they take me out to lunch, etc. - very big change for me, but hopefully by the time he decides to marry (and I hope its her) - I should be a bit more adjusted to this. We love to see our kids grow up and do well and be happy - but sometimes it's a bit hard for us.

  2. Don't live in Garden City, but Wichita... they will love that area... Kansas will welcome them with open arms..

  3. I have relatives in Garden City and it's a lovely place. One of my cousins is a hairdresser if she is looking for a good one! Leaving home for them is just as hard as you seeing them leave. I know because it was for me when we moved from Texas to West Virginia only a month after my wedding. I cried half way there. Sixteen years later, we moved back home so there is hope for you too.