Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Fine Romance

Let's do this thing! Because my life just isn't crazy enough, I think it's high time we get this party started!

I've posted the supply list and (fingers crossed) schedule for the release of the pattern steps over on Craftsy.

Click Here

Since things are still unsettled here I'm using the Craftsy Pattern Store to post the blocks. That may change once everything settles down, but for now it's the best I can do.

The introductory step has been posted for free. The individual steps will be posted initially for $1 each and will remain at that price for one month. After that, the price of each step will become $3. (Gotta keep you coming back, right?)

We're going to start with the boring stuff, the pieced sashing strips. I always start by doing my least favorite step. I was chatting with a friend recently who was working on a charming wool applique pattern. She had done all of the special blocks and had only the plain, boring scallop blocks for the edging left. She mentioned that she hoped she could keep with them, seeing how unappealing they were, long enough to finish the project. She gave me such a look when I explained that I would have started with them.

It's just my way of keeping a WIP from becoming a UFO. How many of us have projects that are nearly done? Often there is just one or two steps left to do, but after the interesting parts were done the project just lost all of its steam. Instead, by conquering the less glamorous steps first, while I'm still excited about the project, I can look forward to how much fun the rest of the work will be.

So, meet me back here on Sunday for the first step. I plan to have a stack of pieced sashing strips ready for show and tell. It could happen!


  1. I've downloaded the supply list. I do have one question, do you use a bias press bar for the stems. I've read many quilters use them. Thanks. Oh I'm so glad the quilt is a large bed size.

  2. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Backing is in the mail, now for some color searching.

  3. Beautiful, and so well laid out, a masterpiece in itself.

  4. I have looked for the sashings on Craftsy, but I cannot find them. Could you send me a link please? Thanks.

  5. Will you be selling this as a complete pattern when you have finished? I noticed where some of your patterns are sold that way. I am so thankful to read about your heart attack and that you got to the hospital in time! I just saw you name on another list and realized when I moved, I lost contact with you and all your gorgeous talents! I do think this is the prettiest quilt you have designed so far!