Friday, February 12, 2016

Because I am a clutz

I really should know better than to leave a cup of coffee near anything I value. This time it was just a few splatters on the unsewn end of one of the applique borders. It would have been luckier if it had been on the border that isn't sewn yet, but I don't know anyone who plans on being a dork.
Most of the coffee washed out, what remains will just add to the subtle variations already in the fabric. Despite my best efforts, washing out the coffee also meant getting part of the applique wet. This half of the center rose was left unstitched, waiting for the remaining applique shapes to be pinned in place.

After washing I tossed the border into the dryer. I certainly didn't want to leave it sitting wet, a sure invitation to any colors that might feel like a jog into the background fabric. I had to leave the house, and I didn't want to leave the border all jumbled up in the dryer, especially if it didn't get entirely dry. So I spread the border out on the cutting table and slipped a ruler under the applique to protect the background from the slightly damp fabric.

The piece got wet enough to release some of the glue basted edges. Some of the Wash Away Applique Sheet templates also started to disintegrate, but a little quality time with a glue stick will fix this right up. Disaster averted this time, but somehow I doubt that I've actually learned my lesson.


  1. Been there...but luckily it was my own embroidery project...a sample. Hubby once spilled coffee on a quilt on the frame...customer quilt. I got it out..but new liquids near the quilts. Have had customers come in with a drink & stand by the frame to watch me quilt...we take the drink or point to the counter behind me...ask that they put the drink there.

  2. That's why I have to use a "sippy" cup! Can't be trusted around my sewing or computer. Contigo makes great water bottles and coffee cup/bottles.

  3. Close call but so glad disaster was averted. This is exactly why I no longer drink iced tea when I'm sewing, tea dying fabric should be a voluntary process in the kitchen! It's exciting to see A Fine Romance progressing, such a beautiful quilt.

  4. Travel mugs are a wonderful invention. I learned long ago that I am not to be trusted around open containers of liquids, haha. You quilt is going to be gorgeous!!