Friday, October 28, 2011

The after book

My new mantra: the book is done. I repeat it every time I feel my shoulders creeping up to my ears, or I think about a project that I can't do just yet, or when I realize that I'm not being as productive as I could be. The book is done.
Yeah, the book was put together in a short time, but it's not like I started fresh, with a newly born idea on August first. It's on a subject that is near and dear to my heart, that I've already written about, repeatly, in my patterns, and even taught in my classes. Just dumping my words from other places gave me a major head start on the word count. I don't want anyone thinking it was slapped together, if for no other reason than I just can't do slapped together. It's not fair to the reader.
Any way. I jumped from the book deadline to my Quilt Market deadline. I'm doing Wash Away Applique Sheet demos in C&T's booth, and also Checker Distributor's booth. So, the minute I called the book done, I started right back into making step out. But this time it was all about playing with fabric. The samples are teeny tiny, just the size of a page, so it was a day of instant gratification.
I write this from the Hilton, right next door to the George R. Brown convention center, which, at this time every year, becomes a mecca for quilters. By next week tens of thousands (and that's no exageration) will descend on Houston for Market and Festival.
Today is Schoolhouse, a series of 15 or 30 minute infomercials from the vendors at the show. It's a lot like passing classes in high school. I'm going to try to be a good blogger and take pictures, but I'm not promising.
Market opens tomorrow. It's business, but it's also pleasure. These are my people, other professionals in the quilt industry that I only get to see once or twice a year. I'll be watching for new things, looking for new partners in crime and having one really great time.
Because the book is done.

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