Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter with the grands

One of my favorite family traditions is our Easter egg hunt. When the boys were little we would host Easter dinner with my sisters and their families. The thirteen Michigan cousins, ranging in age from one to sixteen (mine are the oldest), would dash about our yard, finding dozens and dozens of hidden plastic eggs, filled with goodies galore.

 To keep things a little more equal, we would ask the kids to find and bring back one egg at a time. Some years the kids would keep what they found. Other years we would break the eggs into one big bowl and let them choose their favorites.

We had beautiful weather for Easter weekend this year, making for a perfect day to hunt eggs. This was our first year to hunt with the grandbabies. Such joy!

After the hunt, we relaxed into enjoying the spring weather at the pond. Alex, who is now almost five, loves feeding the fish. Nicole, who just turned two, is quickly getting the hang of it.

They both get a kick out of tossing the small edging stones into the pond. By the looks of it, we could sure use to fill in some spots where they've picked it clean. Both their mom and Auntie Elaine are elementary ed teachers, so it quickly became a game of "float or not float". When mommy asked, "what floats" it was all I could do to keep from saying "very small rocks". (Monty Python fans will understand.)

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  1. Your grandchildren are really cute. No wonder you knit...... Pam at the yarn shop in Merrill