Sunday, May 27, 2012

Even more culling

This is my other stash of fat quarters. These are batiks (mostly arriving here by way of a batik "collection of the month" program). There are also a bunch of polka dots and such, which are my version of novelty prints.

As with the other shelf, it was too hard to find anything I liked in here. Many of these batiks are fairly old, going back almost twenty years, when batiks were rarely found in quilt shops. The older batiks all had a gray undertone, it was very hard to find pure color.

Now, isn't this better? The batiks are now rainbow ordered on the left side of the shelves (which are actually three DVD racks, hung together on the wall). Each color gets half a shelf.

To the right are my novelty prints, now separated by predominant color. The center rack holds the problem children. In the middle is a bunch of Stonehenge fabric Northcott sent me. I'm trying to decide if I should keep them together as a group, or deal them into the other shelf.

At the bottom are multicolor fabrics, both batik and commercially printed. I love these! Clearly I need more, and now I have the space for them. Wa hoo!

And here are the losers. One really big box and two smaller ones. I don't even want to guess how much fabric is here. There is even yardage in the larger box.

While I'm done with sorting through the fat quarters, I still have my shelves full of yardage to go through. I have three bookcases with a total of seven shelves between them holding my "more than a yard" fabrics. Some of the shelves are pretty well packed... but I'm done culling for now. Let's see what I bring home from North Carolina, it just might get me culling again.

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