Friday, August 10, 2012

A Rainy Day on Facebook

It started when my son, Caleb, posted this on Facebook:

He says: 5K in the rain. Feeling good. (Notice the sewing machine in the background? MIL loves to see evidence of sewing.)

Later, Nathan (our oldest), posted:

He says: Not to be outdone by brother Caleb S. Ferrier, I did my own 4 miles in the rain. I'm damp. Really damp. But I put up a 31.49 on four miles. Not too shabby.

Next we hear from the youngest, David:

He says (with some editing due to repeated use of his favorite swear word): Not to be outdone by my brothers Nate Ferrier and Caleb S. Ferrier I went for my own (expletives deleted) lungs! My @#$% LUUUUNGS ::wheeeeeeeze:: ::cough cough::  That's it. I'm quitting smoking. Today.

And then we hear from Jacob:

He says: Not to be shown up by my three brothers, Caleb S. Ferrier, Nate Ferrier, and David Ferrier, I went out for a run, but unfortunately, it is not raining in Baltimore.

When Kent and I saw these posts we just had to play along.

Kent says: Not to be shown up by my sons I drove 5 hours in the rain for a two hour meeting. (He sprayed himself with the hose to reach the desired degree of dampness.)

Finally, from me:

I say: This is what comes of letting you guys play in the rain. And this is me, standing in the rain to take the picture of your dad. I do love you all so!


  1. Love it, Beth. With the wonders of modern technology you can still have good family connections & humor even after the kids leave the nest & spread out all over the place! I can tell there is lots of affection & love for one another in your family.

  2. Thanks, Donna! My dearest hope for the boys was that they would stay close as adults. We are a silly bunch.