Friday, October 19, 2012

Getting ready for the big show

For those of us in the quilt industry, Fall Market is sort of our Mecca. Each fall we make our pilgrimage to hawk our wares. Market is the time to promote new books, see the newest fabric lines, and to learn.

Since I often have something to sell, I'm usually on the teaching end of things. This market I'm doing a Take & Teach session on the 28th. This one block will illustrate at least seven Sneaky Piecing Tricks, more if time will allow. It's a short class, so to get as much teaching time in, I did most of the cutting.

The thing about Take & Teach is that, aside from basic tools, the student brings nothing. It's my job to get the stuff together. You all know how much I like organizing things (I just spent a small fortune on Martha Stewart stuff from Staples, but that's another story). So, after the parts were all chopped and stacked, they were stuffed into little baggies.
When I began the project, I thought it would take tons of time. But you know, when I have a great book on the mp3 player (Micheal Connely's The Drop), it was done in no time at all.
The final kits, including some goodies, are all pretty and ready to roll. My teaching tools are also in the box, and the hand outs for Schoolhouse (a raucous day of running from demo to demo to see the hot new stuff before the show floor even opens) are neatly packed in as well. I would have to say that zip top bags are my favorite organizing tool ever.
I have a demo to make the step outs for, and get stuff packed for the Festival classes I'm taking. Taking! I'm very much looking forward to being a student for a change.

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  1. Beth, have a great time at Market and Festival! I wish I were going; I'd love to look up and see you sitting next to me :)

    Hope all goes well with your schoolhouse, I'm sure it will.