Sunday, December 2, 2012

The beginning of Christmas

Every year, ever since the boys were little, we've kicked off our Christmas celebrations by putting up the tree on the first Sunday of Advent.
When Kent and I were first married, we were totally broke college students. When our first Christmas rolled around, we had nothing, no lights, or decorations. I realized then what made a Christmas tree special were all the memories attached to the ornaments. We managed to put together a small tree, with a single strand of lights (remember those big, hot bulbs?), garland made from computer punch cards (now you know how really old I am), and little birds woven out of ribbon.
As the boys came along, I wanted to build a Christmas legacy for them to take to their grown up homes. Each year the family went ornament shopping, each boy picking out an ornament that had meaning to them.
Over the years they picked some pretty goofy stuff, furry icicles, smiley faces, ice cube snowmen with ice augers through their heads. It was very interesting to watch as their tastes changed and they began to look more long term at their collections.

Of course, we have continued the tradition with the grand kids. We are lucky to have Bronners nearby, which is only the largest Christmas store in the world. It is an amazing swirl of lights, and colors, and sounds all year long.
They have the very best Santa, ever. I do believe that he is the real Santa, all others being this fellow's intrepid helpers. He is so kind and gentle that he charms even the shyest child. That said, Nicole, being a two year old and tired, wanted nothing to do with Santa.
Christmas 2012: (clockwise) Nicole (2 1/2  years old), Amanda, Nathan, Santa and Alex (5 1/2).
Joy, joy, joy!

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