Wednesday, July 15, 2015

She Sews

This is where my BOM has been languishing, tidily packed in an ArtBin, waiting for me to get my act, I mean studio, together. We're almost there, but we're still waiting for the replacement part for my cabinet. Kent finally assured me that the machine would be safe in the cabinet, but, you know, I wanted to wait for the part to arrive so that everything would be perfect. "Perfect" still gets to me.

Here are my Step Five parts. Even though the step was posted weeks ago, my blocks were just sewn yesterday. I'm almost caught up. I still have the million and five leaves to do, but my little buds and flowers are mostly done. I'm putting the finishing touches on the directions for Step Six. I just need to add a few words, and figure out how much yardage we will need for the vines. I will have it up in the next couple of days for sure, and I will post on the blog about it.

As for the vines, I can't quite decide what fabric to use. I'm wondering if I should make the vines all from the same fabric, or mix them up using bits and parts from the leaf fabrics. I'm tending towards all the same fabric. What do you think?


  1. Cozette3:57 PM

    I like the idea of the vines all one color. I've just put my palette together and am looking forward to getting started. There was a wait for my quilt shop to get the background fabric I wanted and now I'm juggling quilting time with the rush of preserving. My garden has everything ready to harvest at the same time (as usual).

  2. I vote for all the same fabric for the vines - it adds continuity and it's easier to create that many bias strips from all one fabric. Waiting (im)patiently for the next step.

  3. I am thinking the vines should be kinda scrappy, but even if you said make them all one color, I would still make them scrappy. There is no hard a fast rule that says I have to make it JUST LIKE YOURS is there? I usually use the designer colors as a suggestion anyway, being the rebel that I am. I look forward to step six. I hope you are getting more settled but I know that always takes time.