Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tackling the leaves, part one

Let me just say this now: this quilt has a lot of leaves. I started work on the leaves about a week ago. I am still working on the leaves. It's been hot and muggy here, so hiding in the air conditioning has given me tons of time to cut, press, cut and sort.

While I've been working I've been mostly parked in front of the TV. I've found Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix. It is such a charming show, sort of like Murder She Wrote, but with an Australian accent and set in the roaring '20s. The clothes are to die for.

Managing all of these leaves could be a nightmare, but my trusty "addressing system" saves me again. Each half of the leaves has a distinct letter name, and each leaf has been assigned a number. When the time comes I'll just need to match up letter and number to get a complete leaf.

I've been working on the stack of leaves a bit at a time. As I cut the leaves into sections each piece goes into a separate pile. I like to work with three shades of fabric at a time. The only thing I have to worry about is making sure that each half of a leaf ends up in a different pile, which will end up on a different fabric. It would be silly to do all of this work and end up with both halves in the same fabric!

The trimmed halves have been sorted into stacks by letter. When I'm ready to get serious about the glue basting I will then sort the stacks into matching pairs. I'll blog more about that soon. I have a bit of trimming to do yet, time for more of Miss Phryne Fisher's adventure.

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  1. Cozette4:52 PM

    Thanks for this info. I've taken your Etsy class, which was great, and read you book that came with the class, but I was a little intimidated about how to handle all those leaves.