Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Danger Zone

 This project is in real trouble. After months and months of work, this quilt is on the verge of becoming a WIP (a Work In Progress, otherwise known as a project laying about that isn't actually being worked on) or, more ominously, a UFO (UnFinished Project).

Half of the center applique is done. The rest is mostly pinned on and will be stitched in place today. All of the parts are sorted and just waiting for their curtain call. But I'm losing steam. I'm losing interest in finishing.

It might be the distractions. I have several projects waiting in the wings, projects that I am itching to get to. The beguiling thing is that the projects are sneaking into brand new processes and I am always enticed by the opportunity to learn something new.

I have this stack of software waiting to be loaded onto my computer. It's embroidery software for my Bernina 880, including the cut work tools. The 880 has a stitch designer function, allowing me to create my own decorative stitches. I want to design new applique edge stitches, I can already see them in my head. I'm anxious to get started, but I have this big project I need to finish first.

And then there's this pile of stuff. Have you seen the quilting they're doing with rulers and domestic sewing machines? Check this out. How did I not know about this? Of course I had to run out and get a sampling of tools and equipment. There just might be an easier way to finish quilting Christmas Yet to Come! Of course I'll need to practice, and for that I'll need practice projects. Oh, but I have this big project I need to finish first.

Of course, none of that even takes into account of all of the other distractions around here. I have this terrific new electric spinning wheel to master. And while it is the coolest thing since forever, I still love spinning on the traditional wheel, so it needs some loving attention.

As for the loom, well, I'm just not sure about that. If it's going to take up prime real estate in the living room it certainly needs to be warped and worked on. It may be looking for a new home shortly. Not sure that the weaving bug has really stuck with me. But for now, I really have to concentrate on this big project.

I worry that if I put A Fine Romance aside it will never be finished, look what's become of Christmas Yet to Come. It is still waiting to be quilted. Or worse, it will lurk in the background, making me feel guilty for not wanting it any more. Oh, wait, it's currently staring me in the face and making me feel guilty for not wanting it any more.

I'm not sure when I gave up multi-tasking projects to become a serial processor. Well, that's not completely true. I think of myself as monogamous within crafts, it's okay to work on more than one project as long as I'm cheating on quilting with knitting, or spinning or weaving. (Lucky for me that gardening, baking, and decorating are chores, not hobbies or I'd really be toast.)

Indecision might turn out to be my best friend. I am making good progress even while I think about setting it aside. What do you do? How do you stay faithful to large projects, or is that just silly? Am I the only quilter in the universe who works on one quilt at a time?


  1. I have a friend that only works on one project at a time, and finds it quite stressful when she has to work on two at a time. Me, short attention span, so I work on everything at once. I usually have faster projects happening at the same time as long term/more involved projects, and then I also have my forever project. I flit between them quite merrily.

  2. I kept finishing tops until I had 16! Mercy. Two of those need 'special' quilting so I am using the others to practice practice practice. I don't have a stitch regulator on my HQSS so I am trying to be consistent. Ruler work is fun, but slow. The two rulers I use A LOT: the LineTamer by Four Paws Quilting (for ditch work) and the HQ VersaTool.

  3. I work on many things at one time, so there are a lot WIP's (works in progress) sitting around, including the one like yours. Where are the pieced blocks in yours? That's what I've been working on.

  4. I don't even want to talk about WIPs and the dreaded UFOs but I know I'd be playing with the rulers!

    First time visiting and I love seeing the loom, spinning wheels, and gorgeous applique! I can see why you might be worried about crafty infidelity!

  5. I absolutely understand how you are feeling! I break up large projects into chunks and intersperse them with small, quick gratification projects - usually for something involving learning a new technique. That way, I get to try the things I'm itching to - without getting bogged down in another big project. I find that taking a short break from a big project (especially when I hit a problem) helps refresh my batteries and also allows me time to think through whatever the problem is. One project took me a year...I called it my Nemesis quilt, but I got it finished. Mind you, I can't bear to look at it now! LOL

  6. I, too, had to place A Fine Romance to the side for a bit. Beth, you have to admit, the past couple of months have been quite "labor intensive" for that quilt. I needed to work on something I could finish relatively quickly, so I could have some feeling of accomplishment. I have finished half of all the borders. Was waiting for the reversed layout. As soon as I finish my "Sew Spooky" for Halloween, I will get back on it. However, it makes me feel good to know you are letting yours rest, also.

  7. I am a premium starter but I really suck at follow through and finishing. I rely on quilters like you to pull me along!! I've got a couple of medium projects, your machine applique class design on Craftsy, and A Fine Romance. What does that tell you?